Which Rolex? There is a Rolex Watch that’s Right for Everyone

Swiss Rolex watch

Rolex is world-famous for its durability and accuracy. These are important factors in capturing the fondness of countless customers. As a Swiss watch brand, people know that it will last forever. Wearing a Swiss Rolex watch is not only a simple status symbol- Rolex wearers find themselves in a high-class subculture all its own. It is truly the most valuable watch brand in the world. Even though Swiss Rolex watch is known for its relatively conservative styling, there are new styles now that are quite attention-grabbing. The following is a discussion of a few of the more wildly popular styles- so let’s have a look!

Three Popular Swiss Rolex watch:

  • Classic Rolex men’s watch recommended one (gradual ghost king)

ROLEX DEEPSEA watch (Reference price $ 11,000)

The new-generation diving watch, Rolex Deepsea, has a water-proof depth of 3,900 meters, a 44mm Oyster case, which is tightened with a patented ringlock system. The Deepsea not only exceeds the most stringent requirements of professional diving watches, but also lays out solid, precise, practical reliable new benchmarks by which to judge all others. The Deepsea can provide a diver with a much richer diving experience. When the famous American director James Cameron explored the Mariana Trench, he wore a Rolex Deepsea watch. Similarly, the Rolex Deepsea Challenge experimental wristwatch, featuring the Rolex Deepsea blueprint, is waterproof to a depth of 12,000 meters. It was tied to the submarine’s robotic manipulator arm during Cameron’s expedition, and it was subjected to extreme deep-sea environmental stressors. Even when the Challenger was in the abyss, it performed flawlessly, and the waterproofing was excellent. In the aftermath of this expedition, Rolex launched the new Deepsea watch gradient “D-blue” dial, so as to celebrate Rolex’s commitment to exploration, innovation, and exceeding human limits. Because of its popularity, this watch is often out of stock, resulting in a lot of friends who would like to own the Deepsea watch, but are unable to find one. This has resulted in the increasing popularity of Deepsea replica watches. Sometimes when, for whatever reason, a person cannot purchase the genuine article, a replica can afford him the opportunity to enjoy a stylish watch while waiting on the real thing.

Swiss Rolex watch replica
Swiss Rolex watch replica
  • Classic Rolex men’s watch recommendation number two

Rolex Cellini series (Reference price $ 18,000)

The Rolex Cellini watch is the number one choice among men. It is a new product introduced by the Basel Rolex plant in 2015. The entire series can be divided into three categories and the series is composed of 12 classic watches. This was pure marketing genius by Rolex. In contrast to previous generations of watches, the new Cellini series is more advanced with its self-winding movement and enhanced waterproof capabilities. The entire Cellini family is divided into three major categories, with the Cellini time displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds. The Cellini Date watch, also a model of classic watchmaking; features an added pointer in the sub dial with calendar function. Finally, there is the elegant Cellini Dual Time, equipped with sun and moon indicators in the sub-dial window which contains a second time zone.  This special enhancement was meant to meet the needs of international business and global travelers.

Swiss Rolex replica watch
Swiss Rolex watch replica

This picture is one of the new Cellini Timeline series, in the 39mm dial platinum case. Its movements are produced by the Rolex-certified chips, maintaining the high quality of Rolex. This model is priced around 18,000 US dollars. Judging from current trends, this series should be very popular indeed.

  • Classic Rolex Men’s Watch Recommendation number 3


The new Yacht Master Type II is a watch for sailing enthusiasts. It has a countdown function and can set a countdown from 1 to 10 minutes. It also has a built-in mechanical memory function for resetting the countdown to the same time again. After starting the countdown, it can be accurately reset to zero, which is an exclusive Rolex function, and reflects the professional level of Rolex reliability and precision. The countdown function satisfies the needs of yachting , for precise timing of critical moments in the game. This function is a unique feature in this Rolex. On the surface, it appears to be relatively simple, but technically it is very complicated and requires extreme precision.  For this countdown purpose, a separate Ring Command outer ring was also developed. This interactive interface between the movement and the outer bezel is also a new feature for Rolex in this timepiece.

Swiss Rolex replica watch
Swiss Rolex watch replica

But the most noteworthy element of the Yacht-Master II is its movement. Rolex engineers spent 35,000 man-hours in research and development to produce the 4160 mechanical timing self-winding movement for this timepiece. The movement contains more than 360 parts, the finest and most complex of which are manufactured by Rolex’s cutting-edge technology. Like the core Rolex watches, this newly-developed movement, though similar in y reliability to other Rolex movements, has earned this watch certification by the Swiss COSC as an accredited precision timepiece. However, the price of the new Yacht Master Type II is slightly out of range for some people. If you really like this style, you can also consider the Rolex Replica Watch, which is one tenth the price, but essentially the same watch in many ways. More importantly, the quality of Rolex’s high imitation watches is also very good. Whether we are referring to just a part, or the entire production process, the quality can be almost equal to the genuine products. Unless one is a professional watch master, it is almost impossible to distinguish an imitation from the real thing. This is the reason why many people wear high imitation Rolexes.

What we have covered here is just a brief introduction to three new Rolex watches. Of course, if you are really a Swiss Rolex watch fan, or you would just like more information, you can go to the website (https://kronoswatch.sc/), where you can find full details of the many Rolex models. The unique insights of professionals are very valuable for friends who want to buy a Rolex. At the same time, we also welcome everyone to visit to my blog, where I often share the knowledge of famous watches and let watch lovers share their knowledge and express their opinions.

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