A Rolex, a story

Angelique Kerber

German professional tennis player Angelique Kerber won a grand slam for the first time in the Australian Open in 2016 and successfully defeated Serena Williams . In the same year, she was enthroned as the world’s No.1.

She has practiced tennis since she was three and became a professional career at the age of 15. Kerber’s perseverance allowed her to stand out in the 2011 United States Open in New York (U.S), rising to the prominence of dark horse player from the 91st place and entering the semi-finals. She thought it was a landmark breakthrough in her career, and she wanted to reward herself with an item, so she chose a Rolex for herself because she felt that only Rolex could give her such a big honor.


“When I was 15 years old, I used to fantasize that I would someday be as successful as I am today.” However, all this don’t come easy

I have experienced countless highs and lows, which has benefited me a lot and I enjoyed tennis more than I did 5 or 10 years ago. Therefore, I am very pleased to be able to ascend to No.1  at this age. When I was 15 years old, I used to fantasize that I would someday be as successful as I am today.” However, all this don’t come easy. I was nervous at the first Grand Slam final because I didn’t know what to do. I thought to myself, “Well, you have to take this opportunity, because you’ll probably only have the chance to contend in one , two or three Grand slam finals all your life.” So I set foot on the court and showed the world my extraordinary strength.

“Since then, I have been convinced of my ability and skill and style. Winning the tournament in New York is considered as my biggest achievement. ”

Because of the experience in 2011, New York means a lot to me. That year witnessed a major breakthrough in my career. At the beginning of the year, I was very uncomfortable with being eliminated from every tournament within a few rounds. And later, I arrived at New York to participate in the last Grand Slam Tournament of the year. My contending mentality returned to my childhood: full of patience, while enjoying the fun of sports. Since then, I have been convinced of my ability and skill style. Winning the tournament in New York is considered as my biggest achievement.

Two years ago, I bought this watch in New York. I just stopped for 10 minutes in the store because I knew exactly which watch I wanted. At this point of my Career , I thought to myself: “I have successfully created a lot of achievements, now it is the time to reward myself.” “I chose to buy my watch in New York because it was a turning point in my career and a turning point of my luck and power, thanks for Rolex.”

I think this watch is a part of my body. By means of the story behind my watch, I gain my faith and confidence from wearing my wrist watch, and I thought it gave me strength, and it felt good to wear it on my wrist, because I could show my watch to people who doesn’t know my story.

“Because I already know which wrist watch I want to have.” At this point of my career , I thought to myself: ‘ I have successfully created a lot of achievements, now it’s the time to reward myself.    

Being a Rolex spokesperson also means a lot to me, because each spokesperson has a remarkable achievement, in which efforts and perseverances are never absent. They are all met with ups and downs and learn from experiences during painful difficulties, unremittingly and relentlessly . I think that’s the Rolex belief.

Angelique Kerber

Since her childhood, she has exhibited an independent personality and an extremely serious working attitude. Despite the setbacks at the start of her career, she never bowed her head to public criticism. Instead, she renewed her morale and eventually regained her enthusiasm for the tennis game. Her relentless insistence and love for tennis, in 2016, brought her two Grand Slam Championships, and for the first time she successfully ascended to World No.1.

Introduction to Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36mm Lady’s Watch

Watchcase diameter: 36mm, this watch is made of platinum and 904L stainless steel, its outer ring is inlaid with 52 diamonds, its movement is certified by COSC, with a power reserve up to 48 hours. Along with a pink flower pattern watch plate and Arabic numerals reading (6 O’clock and 9 Oçlock), Jubilee watch belt.

The history of man-made rose gold dates back to the early 19th century, when the rose Gold was popular in Russia, which is the origin of the name Russian gold (Russian gold), but such an academic name has long been obliterated by the glory of Rose gold.

Such romantic name as rose gold alone can remind people of many beautiful imaginations.

But it has to be said that the most conspicuous place of rose gold is naturally the beautiful yet fashionable rose red color, and the reason why the softly-hued and elegant pink can appear on top of gold is that, in the production process, copper, silver, zinc and other metal components are added to the 18ct gold. We all know that although the chemical nature of gold is stable, because it is a very soft metal, so pure gold is easy to wear and scrape.

Rose gold, which incorporates other metals, not only inherits the characteristics of gold ductility, but also has an excellent rigidity. It is no wonder that, the Rose gold, which is tough, beautiful, elegant and pure and has so many qualities, is known as the “Angel of Gold” . This also presents a new choice of the material for the watch.

In 2009, Rolex launched two types of Rolesor (that is, what we usually call the Mixing Gold process) serial watches —– Men’s Datejust II (Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II) and diamond-studded 36-mm women’s Datejust watch (Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36mm).

The women’s watches, not only bear the most traditional watchmaking concept of Rolex, but also have a strong feminine charm in the design, so attracting more people’s attention. This watch can not only accompany the ladies to attend different occasions, and enjoy different kinds of life style, but also represent the women’s affirmation of the self-worth and the high demand for aesthetics.

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